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    Job Details

    Position:  Project Manager, Remote
    Posted:   04/07/2023


    The project manager (PM) assists CAPE in achieving its strategic and business objectives by executing project management processes (initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing) for various project types. The PM demonstrates tangible progress toward integrating all the processes in the project management knowledge areas (scope, cost, time, quality, human resource, communications, risk, procurement and stakeholder management) so the project functions as a cohesive whole. The PM will be engaged in meeting the requirements for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and incorporate integration management into aspects of their work. The PM may be required to be technically competent in a specific area or may be trained to execute work in broader areas as defined by CAPE. The PM initiates and acts on communications from CAPE’s executive and operational leadership teams and must effectively control workgroups of scientists, engineers, procurement specialists, subcontractors, field personnel, and clients to achieve CAPE’s financial goals.


    KEY SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE AREAS: Manage project schedule, cost, scope, quality, safety, risk, resources, and stakeholders to achieve successful project and financial performance goals.


    • Establish that the project charter exists and aligns with CAPE’s strategic and financial. If no Charter exists work with Senior Staff to develop a Charter that is achievable
    • Prepare the Plan for planning for all features of work and each knowledge area (scope, time, cost, risk, communication, resources, procurement, quality, and stakeholders)
    • Execute the Plan so the project exists and functions as a cohesive whole
    • Update or modify the Plan and baselines as changes are encountered and scope changes are approved
    • Balance all the processes in knowledge areas with each other
    • Demonstrate competency with respect to the project work understanding of issues relevant to the broad organization and business


    • Prepare the Scope Management Plan / execute Scope Management Plan
    • Utilize Work Breakdown Structures
    • Monitor work package progress ensuring that contract scope is completed and no more than the contract scope is completed
    • Identify changes to scope and implement the change management process


    • Design, develop and maintain project schedules using appropriate techniques
    • Execute the project according to the schedule
    • Prevent or minimize project delays
    • Establish and monitor productivity goals


    • Prepare the Cost Control Plan / execute the Cost Control Plan
    • Utilize CAPE cost control and forecasting systems
    • Understand the relationship between the project cost estimate, project budget, and cost control methods
    • Produce accurate monthly review of project actual costs and forecast direct costs estimate to complete


    • Ensure that the safety lead develops the project Safety Plan and execute the work accordingly
    • Ensure safety on all assigned projects with no reportable incidents or accidents on all assigned projects and follow corporate reporting requirements for incidents


    • Maintain efficient and productive support/resources to assigned projects in accordance with the Human Resource Plan
    • Effectively develop and manage/utilize assigned project staff resources


    • Develop the Communications Plan / execute the Communications Plan
    • Thoroughly evaluate changes that arise on all constraints (scope, time, cost, risk, procurements, and quality) and communicate the impact to stakeholders


    • Identify, analyze, and respond to project risk elements in accordance with the Risk Management Plan


    • Develop the Procurement Management Plan / Execute the Procurement Management Plan
    • Manage sub-contractors and approval of sub-contractor invoices

    $90,000 - $160,000 annually, commensurate with experience and qualifications.

    30 % on average


    • PM I - Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering/Science (Geology, Biology, Chemistry) or Construction Management, or in lieu of a college degree, a High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED) and formal training in Construction Management plus five (5) years field experience in Construction. Three (3) years of progressively responsible related field experience and task management; two (2) years of experience as onsite Quality Control that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities relative to environmental and infrastructure work. BA or BS in Engineering/Science field or Construction Management preferred. .PM I is intended to be the first step in the development of project managers.  It is not expected that PM 1 eligible staff have all the required experience and training as indicated in the key skills and knowledge areas, but must have a firm grasp on 75% of these areas as determined by independent review conducted by the PM’s direct supervisor and another senior operations manager.
    • PM II - All requirements from PM I.  In addition, must have 5 years of experience as a PM I and have all required experience and training as indicated above in key skills and knowledge areas.  Promotion to be approved by independent review with the PM’s direct supervisor and another senior operations manager.
    • Sr. PM - All requirements from PM I and II.  In addition, must have a professional certification (PG/PE/PMP), and 5 years of experience as a PM II.  Must have managed two projects successfully greater than $5 M each.


    • See above



    For 35 years, CAPE has delivered construction and environmental remediation solutions to governmental and private organizations nationwide. As a $100 M small business, we have Nationwide contracts with the USACE, USN and USAF totaling over $20 B in prime contract capacity.  As a top 3 SB in our industry, our $12 B portfolio also includes unrestricted contracts where we compete against large businesses for task order awards.  Most recently in the unrestricted area, CAPE won a $30 M + groundwater treatment plant construction project for the USACE in New Jersey.  We routinely partner with other small and large businesses to provide better responsiveness in support of achieving our clients goals.

    Our projects are high-profile environmental remediation projects involving cleanup of contaminated soil, groundwater, and sediment. The culture of our company is one of working together to achieve our clients objectives, company goals and employee’s professional goals and is succinctly and accurately defined as “We, Not Me” behavior. To ensure long-term, sustainable growth, we tailor our 3-year vision to be ahead of our industry in delivering our projects, align with our clients and team partners to improve our existing market share and develop new services to support smart growth.

    CAPE offers competitive benefits including Medical/Dental/Vision insurance, life insurance, Vanguard retirement savings plan including both traditional and Roth 401(k) with up to 4% match and lowest in class fees, health savings account (HSA) with investment option, flexible spending account (FSA), paid annual leave, paid maternity/paternity leave, and tuition reimbursement. CAPE also offers staff several other voluntary benefits options, as well as the option to work from home.

    CAPE is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We invite all qualified applicants to apply to our open positions.


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