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    Job Details

    Position:  Project Scientist, Honolulu, Hawaii
    Posted:   03/19/2024

    Cape Environmental Management Inc (CAPE) is seeking a mid-level project scientist, geologist, or engineer to support our remediation projects in the Pacific. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of an interdisciplinary technical team and gain valuable experience working on high-profile remediation projects that truly make an impact.



    This position will report to CAPE’s Honolulu office. Applicants not currently residing in Hawaii should express their intent and timeline to relocate. Telework for applicants located in Southern California will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


    We are seeking a highly motivated mid-level professional to join our dynamic technical team. The ideal candidate will be experienced in environmental remediation, have strong technical writing and communication skills, and be knowledgeable in federal and state environmental regulations. This position will support senior-level technical staff and project managers in planning and implementing environmental projects in the Pacific. Project locations may include Hawaii, other Pacific islands, and the US west coast. 


    General work activities and responsibilities may include:

    -Preparation of site-specific planning documents (work plan, sampling and analysis plan, quality control plans, safety plans, etc.)

    -Oversee and participate in field operations, including remediation activities, environmental monitoring, collection of samples for laboratory analysis or field screening, and waste management to ensure compliance with project objectives and regulatory standards

    -Support with quality control and site safety duties, as assigned

    -Prepare technical reports and memorandums summarizing field activities, analytical results, and conclusions with clarity and precision

    -Collaborate effectively with colleagues and others to achieve project goals and deliver high-quality results

    -Active participation in CAPE’s performance management process to support professional development and continuous learning


    Applicants should provide a cover letter expressing their ability to support both office and fieldwork, and highlighting their relevant experience or accomplishments in the environmental industry.


    $65,000-$95,000 annually commensurate with experience and qualifications.


    Travel will be required to support fieldwork. Travel duration will vary per assignment; rotations home may be provided for fieldwork spanning longer than one month.  



    • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Geology, Environmental Science, or related field
    • Minimum of 3 years of experience in environmental investigations and/or remediation
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    • Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills
    • Able to follow instructions and take responsibility for multiple assignments to meet deadlines
    • Able to work independently with exceptional attention to detail
    • Valid driver’s license
    • Able to pass background check for badging to access DOD installations
    • Able to meet physical demands of fieldwork (e.g., wear respiratory protection, standing or walking on uneven terrain, and lift/carry up to 50 pounds.)




    • Master’s Degree in Engineering, Geology, Environmental Science, or related field
    • Professional Certifications (EIT, PE, GIT, PG, CES, etc.)
    • Knowledge of federal and state environmental regulations and best practices (e.g., CERCLA, RCRA, Hawaii TGM, etc.)
    • Experience working with NAVFAC, USACE, or other DOD agency
    • Experience serving in a quality control and/or safety role
    • Experience using CAD, GIS, or Illustrator
    • Experience with GPS data collection and processing
    • Industry standard trainings, such as:

    -OSHA 40hr HAZWOPER training and current 8-hour refresher

    -8hr HAZWOPER Supervisor training

    -OSHA 30hr Construction training

    -Navy or USACE Construction Quality Manager training

    -RCRA and DOT HAZMAT training



    For 30 years, CAPE has delivered construction and environmental remediation solutions to governmental and private organizations nationwide. Our projects are high-profile environmental remediation projects involving cleanup of contaminated soil, groundwater, and sediment. The culture of our company is one of working together to achieve our company and professional goals and is succinctly and accurately defined as “We, Not Me” behavior. To ensure long-term, sustainable growth, we tailor our 3-year vision to be ahead of our industry in delivering our projects, align with our clients and team partners to improve our existing market share and develop new services to support smart growth.


    CAPE offers competitive benefits including Medical/Dental/Vision insurance, life insurance, retirement savings plan including both traditional and Roth 401(k) with up to 4% match and lowest in class fees, health savings account (HSA) with investment option, flexible spending account (FSA), paid annual leave, and paid maternity/paternity leave.


    CAPE is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We invite all qualified applicants to apply to our open positions


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